what's the deal with allows you to find others to play sports with in Ottawa.

Post a game for things like:
» you have a game scheduled that you would like more players for;
» you need players for your team;
» you need a sub for one of your team games;
» you want to find a teammate or partner for an unscheduled game.

You can also find players to join your game or team as well.

Just wanna play? Find a game for the sport you are interested in.

You can also create a player profile that:
» makes you available for searches by others looking for players (be sure to select your sports!);
» allows you to be notified by email when new games are posted for sports you play;
» allows you to easily post, edit and delete any game postings you create.

is free to use?
Yes!... and it always will be.

but i live outside of ottawa...
We're in other cities as well!

do i have to create an account to use
No, but there are benefits to doing so. With an account, you can edit and remove your game postings yourself at anytime. If you post a game without an account your ad will auto expire in 60 days and you won't have editing or deletion privileges. Also, having a account gives you a profile on A player profile allows you to be found by others who search for players for their game/team. You can always turn on or off the contact form for your profile, so if don't want to be contacted at a certain time you can easily have it that way. If you don't want to show up in player search results simply don't add any sports to your profile. You have full control. Also, having an account allows you to set up email notification for sports that you are interested in. Simply add sports under the 'my sports' tab and select to be notified when new games are posted for a sport you play.

how do i edit or delete a game i posted?
If you are a registered member simply log into your account (top right of screen) and then select the 'my games' tab once logged in. From there you will see your list of games. Click the title of the game you want edited or deleted. On the following screen select the 'edit' tab. There you can edit or delete your posting. If you are not a registered member, your posting will automatically expire 60 days from the posting date. If you are not a registered member and really need it removed please contact us.

how can i be notified of new game postings for sports that i'm interested in?
You can be notified by email or RSS. For email notification create a player profile and under the 'my sports' tab add sports and select to be notified by email of new games. If you're hip to RSS, you can add a feed for the sport of you choice (see the individual sport pages for the RSS feeds).

how do i delete my player profile/user account?
Your player profile and user account are one in the same. If you simply don't want your player profile to appear in the search results do not add any games to your profile. If you want your entire account removed from please contact us and we'll take care of that. Be sure to include your username, email address and password for verification purposes.

do you sell or misuse my email address?
Never. If you're really bored you can read our Privacy Policy.

who is behind this thing you call
These kids.

what's new?
Check out blogaholik for more on that.

are you out of 'huh?' questions?
Sadly, yes, but you can always contact us with any questions, comments, or anything else on your mind (including tips for Freddie's hurting squash game). We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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